The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program For 11th and 12th Grades

The IB Diploma Program (IBDP) is an academically challenging, rigorous and balanced program of education that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university, careers and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The program has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities and is considered the curricular world leader in international education.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the IB DP, Noblesse students should have passed grade 10. External applicants are assessed individually. There are no universal, formal entry requirements; however, in order to have access to instruction and to the course materials, it is a prerequisite that a student has competent English skills.

Course Selection

All Grade 11 and 12 courses at Noblesse are IB courses. Students should start the process of choosing their personal program by consulting the list of subjects offered by Noblesse. As well as considering their personal strengths in individual subjects, when making course selections, students should also take into account their future education and career plans.

To be eligible for the IB Diploma, each student is required to follow SIX IB courses, with one subject taken from each group in the curriculum model:

  • Group 1: Language A (literature and/or language)
  • Group 2: Second Language (language)
  • Group 3: Economics, History or Computers
  • Group 4: Experimental Sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: Arts OR one subject from groups 1 – 5

Students must select at least 3 HL and 3 SL subjects. In addition, all IB Diploma students must complete …

  • A course in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • A 4000-word Extended Essay (EE) in a subject of their choice
  • A Creativity, Action, & Service (CAS) program

University Entrance

The IB Diploma is a rigorous and demanding program that provides students with a first-class preparation for their future after NIS. Students follow a course of study with a global reputation for academic excellence. Universities throughout the world recognize the IB Diploma as an entrance qualification to higher education degree courses. In some countries, such as the United States and Canada, the IB Diploma qualifies students for advance placement or academic credits.


Explore the links and videos below to learn more about the DP as an educational philosophy and its implementation at NIS.



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