Middle and High School


Noblesse International School (NIS) middle and high school consists of students in grades six to twelve.  Noblesse has the good fortune of  being a true  international community as we have students from many countries throughout the world.  To reflect this diversity, our curriculum while US based is internationally minded whenever possible. NIS is also proud to offer a rigorous and ever expanding IB Curriculum for our upper level students, as well as several AP registered classes.  

Our core subjects for grades six to twelve  are Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics.


Science and Social Studies

ScienceSocial Studies
Grade 6Science FundamentalsWorld Geography
Grade 7Earth and Physical ScienceWorld History: Ancient Era to Rome
Grade 8BiologyWorld History: Rome to Renaissance
Grade 9ChemistryUS History: Colonial to World War One
Grade 10PhysicsWorld Geography/World History: Imperialism
Grade 11IB/AP Physics, IB BiologyIB World History, IB Anthropology
Grade 12IB/AP Physics, IB BiologyIB World History, IB Anthropology



Mathematics is broken down into three distinct tracks. The Liberal Arts Track is for students hoping to pursue a major in the humanities.  The Standard Track is for students intending to pursue majors in fields that require a midlevel amount of math such as business or life science.  The Advanced Track is intended for students hoping to major in engineering or physics based fields. 

Liberal ArtsStandardAdvanced
Grade 6Pre AlgebraPre AlgebraPre Algebra
Grade 7Algebra OneAlgebra OneAlgebra One
Grade 8Algebra OneAlgebra Two and GeometryAlgebra Two and Geometry
Grade 9Algebra Two and GeometryAlgebra Two and GeometryAlgebra Two and Geometry
Grade 10Algebraic FundamentalsTrigonometry and StatisticsTrigonometry and Statistics
Grade 11IB Math StudiesIB Math SLIB Math HL
Grade 12IB Math StudiesIB Math SLIB Math HL


Language Arts

The goal of the Language Arts department is to create competent writers and students who are genuinely excited to explore literature.  The focus of language arts evolves from middle school to high school. In the lower grades, students concentrate  on grammar, spelling and forming paragraphs in addition to literary analysis.  By high school essays, MLA formatting and deeper literary analysis  is emphasized.

 In the eleventh and twelfth grade years, IB literature is offered in English, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.  This adds a truly international flavor to the department.  


Electives Program

NIS is also proud to also offer a growing  Electives Program. All students in grades six to ten have access to Visual Arts, Physical Education, Computer Science and Music.  These classes help students to become well rounded world citizens and creative thinkers.   


IB Visual Arts

The IB program expands on the concepts of the arts for grades 11 and 12.  IB Visual Arts focuses on art history, sculpture, multimedia arts and independant study.  The course helps prepare artistically inclined students for careers in marketing and various creative based fields.  


IB Film

IB Film helps students learn about film criticism, camera work, editing, script writing and finally film production.  This class is beneficial to students interested in technical, marketing or media based careers.

While Noblesse International School is proud of its Middle and High School Program, we are always striving to improve and expand our class offerings.  In the near future, we will begin offering even more choice in both middle and high school.   

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