Noblesse International School is committed to fostering 21st century educational skills that empower our students to become global citizens. Through the nurturing of interdisciplinary skills as well as non-cognitive skills we support our students in becoming prepared for the rigors of the 21st century and our information-based economy.

In our Early Years School, Nursery through KG2, we start laying the foundations of our academic program. Through individualized attention our teachers guide our students to become better communicators both orally and written while fostering curiosity and imagination. Our children are introduced to higher cognitive skills and through cross –curricular activities we start them on the road of discovery.

In our elementary schools, Years 1- 5, our students continue their journey of discovery. Through differentiated instruction strategies our teachers assist our students in further developing their communication skills while increasing their creativity and personal expression. They are introduced to the scientific method of reasoning while building upon their core subjects of Language, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Our high school program is equally diverse in its approaches to learning. Through our core classes students are given the tools necessary to make significant changes to their post secondary education. Through the development of their critical thinking skills and perseverance they are able to meet the postsecondary expectations. Additionally through our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and various AP classes, students are given the opportunity to reach even higher and meet the expectations of the 21st century.

Throughout our program we foster the learning skills that will be the foundation of their success. Through critical and creative thinking they will be able to collaborate and communicate effectively. Through our support of the literacy skills they will be better informed and understand the role that media and technology play in their everyday lives. Through life skills they will have a greater understanding of society and leadership as well as have a greater appreciation for civic, ethical and social justice.

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Lunar new year 2020

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Message from the IB Coordinator

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