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Greetings to you all!

My name is Mr. Gregory van Goidtsnoven (Mr. Van) and I am delighted to be the new College Counselor for Noblesse International School. As a new member of the administrative team, I am looking forward to getting to know each student as well as all the parents. As the year progresses I will be working closely with every high school student to assist them navigate the road towards their future. There are many opportunities for our students and I look forward to helping them find their passion.  Soon I will be working with all the 11th graders and moving my way to the10th and 9th grades so that they are also aware of all the options that are open to them for their future.

Presently the 12th graders have been working closely with school mentors and for the purposes of continuity; I believe that it is best that they continue to be part of the college counseling process. For the remainder of the academic year I will be working with the mentors so that I am aware of their guidance. I believe that the relationships that have been formed between the students and their mentors play a large role in the success of the student’s secondary education.

Should any of you wish to speak to me, please feel free to come by my office so we can speak face to face?  I look forward to your visit and workings with you to assist your child become the best that they can be.

In addition to my role as College Counselor, I am also the Elementary Coordinator at Noblesse International School (NIS).  In the past few weeks, I have had the great opportunity to teach the EYS students a new song and I want to apologize to you all now for what may be the never-ending Pizza Hut song that is being sung in your homes.

As the year continues I will be working closely with all the teachers to help guide your children so that they can reach their full potential. There are many exciting events that are about to happen and I look forward to seeing you all there and enjoying the fun filled activities with the children and me.

As the new coordinator I will also be working closely with the rest of the administrative team on focusing our curriculum, streamlining our assessments and aligning our educational standards so that they are in line with best practices. Through these and other focused efforts I will be assisting the school in meeting the recommendations for WASC accreditation.

My door is always open and I look forward to the rest of this academic year.

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