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The Nursery family have started the school year with a study on the thematic unit, “Me, Myself and I.” The children learns skills, concepts and dispositions through their exploration of a topic. In this case, “self” is the medium through which we will further their development in language and literacy, mathematical thinking, arts, motor skills and personal and socio­emotional areas.

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To achieve these, our little explorers experienced free painting, hand printing, letter name puzzle, body parts puzzle, baby pictures and recent pictures comparison, I spy (eyes), guess the sound (ears), the nose knows (nose), tongue tasting exploration and touch & discover (skin). In line with these hands on activities are it’s partnered art projects and investigatory work in which these children attain both as an individual and in group.

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Besides reading to your child every night, you can help foster the concepts of this unit of study by singing the song below:




Sung to: ​”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

Special special special me

How I wonder what I’ll be

In this big world I can be

Anything I want to be

Special special special me

How I wonder what I’ll be


Get ready for lots of questions and enjoy your wondering child!


Light and Love,

CJ Dimatulac Nursery Teacher

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