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What’s this all about?

Tech giant Microsoft are currently making a big splash in education, and they have introduced a range of cutting-edge technologies designed for teaching computer programming, computer-aided design, robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, among other things. To introduce these exciting new technologies to schools around the world and Asia/Africa, they have set up a series of international EdTech conferences to give teachers the training and tools to use them. Microsoft set out assembling a team of speakers and trainers for these events, and having previously presented successful sessions at international EdTech events in countries such as Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam, Noblesse International School’s Mr. Ben Parsons was selected to be part of the team.

Microsoft 365edu Event at Brescia House School, SA

Microsoft kicked off the project at the prestigious Brescia House School, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. First on the agenda was the morning keynote presentation delivered by Craig Kemp of Stamford American International School Singapore. He spoke about the changing face of education, and how teachers can deliver connected, engaging, empowering learning in the 21st century. After the keynote, it was time to break out into the various sessions being delivered. Mr. Ben was tasked with delivering  the Minecraft strand, and introducing teachers to Microsoft’s Minecraft Education Edition and its related apps through seven 1-hour sessions.


Minecraft Education Edition

Many of you are probably asking: what is Minecraft, and how is it related to education? Put simply, minecraft is everything that education should be. Put simply, it is one big Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program, and students can create anything they put their minds to. Minecraft is engaging, collaborative, creative, adaptable, and can be used to teach complex 21st century skills  such as design thinking and even computer programming. 


Minecraft 101

First, Mr. Ben taught some basic Minecraft 101 sessions for teachers completely new to the software, including how to deploy Microsoft’s new Education Edition and an office 365 domain, and play the game. This was followed by sharing sessions on how to create simple projects from scratch, or download worlds and lessons from Microsoft’s online repository.


Minecraft Code Builder

One of the most exciting things to come out of Minecraft recently is the brand new Minecraft Code Builder. Using the block-based user interface of popular coding apps such as, Tynker, Makecode and Scratch, Minecraft is now probably the most fun and awesome way to learn coding there is. In Minecraft’s endless 3D world, students are given an “agent” who they can program to build whatever they can imagine using a range of programming languages including Java, Scratch, Python and C+.


Minecraft, Design & 3D Printing

When video game creator Notch invented Minecraft in 2011, people remarked:

“Notch hasn’t just built a game. He’s tricked 4O million people into learning to use a CAD program”

To put things simply, Minecraft is not really a game: it’s a collaborative 3D design platform that is just FUN. When in creative mode, students can literally build anything they can imagine, and now Minecraft allows plays to export their creations into 3D models…

From your mind, into a game, into something you can hold in literally minutes!!!


What a great event!!!

Other speakers delivered sessions on cool topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, flipped classrooms, and more! Mr. Ben is already bringing some of these awesome ideas into NIS.



Microsoft have confirmed this project as a series of events that will continue well into the future into places such as Israel, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Bahrain and many other places. Please check out the photos below, and stay in touch with the following links:


Deep in thought!!!

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