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We don’t just want your feedback, we strive to understand. We don’t just understand suggestions, we apply. We don’t just apply, we offer more.

Gaining opinions from people around the world is one of Noblesse International School’s main objectives as it develops engagement in the virtual community. An excellent way of developing engagement and helping to get acquainted with the Academe’s views and insights is “Social Media”.

The use of Social Media allows us to stay connected and updated to the things that matter most, such as upcoming events, school activities and important announcements. It is one among the best avenues for reaching the minds of everyone in the Noblesse International School community. Feedback, comments and messages through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enhance communication and help promote understanding. These methods allow for real time updates and announcements which is of great benefit, especially for busy people with limited time.

Noblesse also has sites on “WordPress” and “Medium”, which are two of world’s most popular blog platforms. These serve as the school’s journals of events, stories, student articles and random goings-on throughout the community.

Connect and be part of the N.I.S. virtual community. Like, share and follow us with these sites:

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Congratulations to our Senior student, Gusma Krough

Congratulations to our Senior student, Gusma Krough

Noblesse International School would like to extend its congratulations to our Senior student, Gusma Krough, for being accepted to the #4 ranked best bachelor in...

Beat your best at Noblesse International School!

Beat your best at Noblesse International School!

As a parent, you want your child to excel. So do we. At Noblesse International School, our individualized approach to learning prepares your child for the...

NIS ready for Full IB PYP Authorization

NIS ready for Full IB PYP Authorization

We have some great news that we want to share with all of you! Noblesse International School has received its IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) Consultation...


Our Response to Covid 19

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Noblesse International School has decided to take several steps to help our academic community for the 2021/2022 school year: * Reduce...