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fam-1Essentially, marketing is the lifeblood and the backbone of any organization.”

At Noblesse International School, the Marketing Team is spending time conceiving best ideas and strategies on how to make our clients aware and become interested in what services that the international school has to offer.

This glorious year, Noblesse International School has created a department called Marketing Research & Development Office headed by Mr. Jung Gen Choi as the Finance Manager, Mr. Dwayne Lehman as the Headmaster, Mr. Arvin Daquiz as the Marketing Coordinator along with the other team members, and in partnership with Mr Kevin Lee as the Overseas Marketing Director and his team.

The marketing team is keeping up to date and abreast of changes in trends and demands of a school-business environment. The team is conducting research and deriving effective tools for success in the educational market.

Last Friday, October 21, 2016, the team held its first “FAM Tour” attended by four well-connected businessmen from South Korea namely, Mr. Kim Or Ram, Director of Haeyeon Agency, Mr. Jo Sung Moon, Director of Hinyeowol Agency, Mr. Lee Sang Kyoung, Director of SJM Agency, and Mr. Jeon Sun Gil, Director of Hesed Agency. The team warmly accommodated them by giving them academic presentation, facility tour, and great tokens. The team also pampered them with hot spring tour, sauna & massage, mall tour, and sumptuous meals for two days.


It was the primary successful “FAM Tour” visit at Noblesse and the team is looking forward to the next batch that will be held on November 24th and 25th of this year.

Kudos to the Marketing Team!

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