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Today marks the end of a wonderful journey. The end of High School and all the joy’s shared over the past several years. However, always with an end comes a new beginning, a time to of exploring and excitement awaits you in university.

Soon the hallways of Noblesse International School will only be a memory to you. However, during your time here at NIS you have grown and matured into the wonderful young adults you are today. Over the last year since I arrived here with you, I have watched you change right before my eyes. Yes, we will miss your laughs and your chatter in the hallways. I will miss your smiles and hearing your say “Hello Mr. Dwayne”. As your Headmaster I am very sad to see you go.

But just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, you have transformed from high school students to grown men and women. Now it is time to spread your wings and fly. Always remember no matter what your goals are, sent your mind to make it happen. Always believe in yourself. When you fall down, don’t stay there, “Get up” meet the challenges of this world with confidence and courage.

The first step on your new journey is graduating today here in front of all of us. Never forget I am very proud of each of you. I support you, and only wish you all the best in your educational journey and the joys and excitements that await you.

Before you go, I would like to look back at your time here with us at NIS.

Martin, “Martin, Martin Martin”, what can I say to even begin to describe you. From the little boy that sat on Mr. Bob’s knee as a young elementary student we have watched you grow up in front of our eyes. Martin you have been a student here at this school since NIS started. You are part of the foundation of this school, you are a testament to why we are educators. Martin, you have charisma and charm, yet a personality that we all cherish about you. You will be remembered here at Noblesse International School for years to come, and when your name is mentioned we will all smile with pride. The sky is the limit Martin, just remember to reach for the Universe and catch as many stars as you can on your journey.

Woo Jin, you’re a quiet guy but always fast to smile and let others see the gentleman you are. I remember the first time I saw you with at that time, blond hair and the fashion of a true diva. The night of the Acquaintance dance I watched you with amazement as you danced and interacted with the other students. I knew from that time, even though you are quiet you are amazing. Something I will always keep in my mind is the quality of Art you produce. You have so much ahead of you with your fantastic talents. Additionally, Woo Jin, I congratulate your reign as the Home Coming King.

Jindong what a Casanova you are. Your smile captivates everyone you come in contact with. You are a gentleman, and true friend to all those around you. I can see you a few years down the road being successful in whatever venture you want to achieve. I look forward to following your journey from afar and I am sure I will smile with pride in with whatever you do. Once again, your smile gives us all joy and hope. Keep smiling!

Hyeyoung, you’re the one student among your peers that many people have no idea the talent you have. I stand in total amazement at your Art work. You have the talent to be recognized in art galleries around the world from New York, Paris and London. I hope to someday have an original painting of yours so I can hang it in my personal gallery with pride that I was blessed to know you and be your Headmaster. Additionally, Hyeyoung I congratulate your reign as the Prom Queen.

Sungwoo, every day I go to work, I always look forward to seeing that smile that just melts my heart. You never fail to greet me in the morning and regardless how busy both of our days are, you will stop playing soccer to make sure you tell me to have a good evening. You have no idea how your presence has made me a better person. I look forward to the day when you are a commercial pilot and I board your plane knowing that the captain of the flight is one of my true friends. “Oh yes, and when I board that flight I want upgraded to go the first class section!!!!”

Reichelle, I don’t know where to start. What an amazing young lady you are. You started this school just as “Reichelle” a little girl from the town. However, over the years you have carved your name in the hearts of everyone here at the school. Now when your name is mentioned people stop at the mention of “Reichelle “. You are known for your tenacity, your dedication your determination and your quest to only to do your best. You’re like an icon for NIS, your name will be spoken for years to come, and every time your name is mentioned we will all say your name with pride. Every teacher and staff that has worked with you, adore you, and we are all so proud of you.

Jeffery, when I think of you all I can think of is a true gentleman that has such high standards to only do the best. You not only strive to reach for perfection, but you treat everyone you come in contact with very respectful. You truly care about everyone, you look at the good in us all, you make us smile, and you make all of us love that we are educators. Not only is your GPA amazing, but your dedication and attention to details are specular. Your dedication to the Chamber orchestra has been a testament to your professionalism. You have made every day I came to school a joy. From the time you walk through the front door until when I getting in my car to leave and I can always be sure I will hear you telling me goodbye from the soccer field. I just want to say “Thank You Jeffery” for being the amazing young man you are.

In closing, as your Headmaster, I say farewell to you all, but I am sure I will see you again, because each of you will become Doctors, Pilots, Artist, Pharmacist, International relations, Engineers and business men and women, and I am sure you will make this world a better place for us all.

Graduates of NIS 2017 class, I wish you only the best and congratulations.

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