Message from the Headmaster


dr vlad

Dear Students, Families and NIS staff members,

The new school year is upon us and once again our classrooms are about to be filled with the sounds of education and the joy of learning. Summers are quiet times and the halls always seem a bit strange without the students who are truly the soul of the school and the force that motivates the teachers, administrators and staff.  

An especially warm welcome goes out to the new families that have joined Noblesse International School for the 2019/2020 educational year. We hope they will soon feel at home while participating in school life and the experience of the community as a whole.  

As we inaugurate a new year, we do so with the hope of achieving very specific objectives and goals in both education and holistic student growth. As stated in the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile, student training should not only be focused on academic learning, but also the task of strengthening the transmission of values and ethical and human principles.

 This educational proposal commits us as a school to discover through daily practice how important it is to work together while sharing experiences with one another as a way to transfer and preserve our great stores of knowledge. In this sense Noblesse International School gives every student the opportunity to listen, respect, choose, decide, ask, share and build. We want the word “welcome”, to not just be a word said casually each morning, but one which invites a sense of curiosity, comfort and achievement.   This leads us to travel a path that is renewed every year, but maintains and sustains fundamental aspects, such as:

 1) Our conviction that it is the family and the school working together that must provide students the tools to grow, to develop, to become active human beings and the protagonists of their own life project.

 2) The ability to generate reflective and meaningful lessons from our teachers and educators while taking full advantage of the philosophies International Baccalaureate (IB) provides us with; developing social and personal skills, necessary for life. 

Today’s pupils are building not only their own story, but also are contributing to the already rich history of our school. This is why I invite all students to discover and make the most of the great potential that exists within themselves.  Share and acquire knowledge, contribute and join while maintaining a self-discipline that will help propel you to success in every stage of your life.   

We thank parents and guardians for the trust placed in our school allowing us to educate your children. We ask you then to walk with us in the same direction.  Let’s be demanding, motivate order, discipline both in school and in the home, because then the contribution that touches us as educators will be transcendent in the life of each of our children.

Teachers, impassion your students to learn! Leave a mark on your students in such a way that they leave their mark on you too! Remember that a teacher that motivates and teaches with love and dedication, forms a successful student and a satisfied life.  


Thank you very much.