Message from the Headmaster


Greetings from Noblesse International School (NIS). Noblesse is an International school fully committed to provide excellent and enriching learning experiences for all students in a safe, caring, supportive environment. The instruction, curriculum, and social programs at the Noblesse International School always takes into account the students best interest in promoting their educational journey. Our high school incorporates both the International Baccalaureate Diploma program(IB) as well as Advance Placement classes (AP).

At Noblesse International School “Kids First,” is the motto. Through innovative instruction as well as 21 st century best practices in education, we support the learning environment and construct the programs for students, families, and community members. Fostering collaboration, providing excellence for all students, and cultivating partnerships with community are our top priorities. Noblesse International School educators pride themselves on developing genuine relationships with students and families, and we are committed to maintaining a school culture that values culture differences and embraces high expectations.

At Noblesse International school we instill in our students an appreciation of literacy and take measures to enhance the literary experience. One of the many ways in which we achieve this goal is through our literacy week, book fairs and author studies. Additionally, Noblesse International school has a plethora of books for each year level on our school’s server. All students from grades 5 and above are issued personal kindles from which they are able to access the extensive library. Additionally, for grades K-4 students are all enrolled in a reading program and are assessed on their progress. To further develop a more comprehensive language program our elementary teachers also have implemented reading and writing centers within the classroom. Our High school teachers focus on assay writing and novel studies.

At Noblesse International School, we believe that the best learning emerges in the context of supportive relationships that make learning challenging, engaging, and meaningful. Through our close relationships we assist our students in building positive character traits as well as promoting positive social skills that are highly valued in our school community.

Noblesse International school educators strive for students to develop a broad, deep understanding of the world, make interdisciplinary connections, think creatively and critically, communicate and collaborate, create, evaluate, and utilize information to help them develop into career-ready students who are productive, caring members of a global society.

Exemplary programs offered at the Noblesse School include: Inquiry-based Science Lab, Innovative Technology Lessons, Outstanding Fine and Performing Arts (art, music, chamber orchestra and instrumental music lessons), Enrichment Programs (Physical Education, competitive sports, swimming, golf, soccer and volleyball.

I invite you to visit Noblesse International School to observe our wonderful learning community and devoted teachers engaged in learning, and to discover the variety of state-of- the-art programs available at Noblesse, a K-12 school that always places students first.