Middle and High School

Photo of Dr. Vladimir  Sousek Medrano
Dr. Vladimir Sousek Medrano
Headmaster, IB PYP, MYP, DP Coordinator/College Counselor/Accreditation Coordinator/High School Writing and TOK Teacher
Photo of  Felix  McGarry
Felix McGarry
Middle & High School Coordinator /IBDP Film, Math Middle and High School Teacher
Photo of  Katrina  Bituin-Musni
Katrina Bituin-Musni
Biology Teacher Middle/High School
Photo of  Richard  Curi
Richard Curi
Social Studies Teacher Middle School/High School
Photo of  Ryan Walter  Dloski
Ryan Walter Dloski
IBDP Anthropology/ IBDP English A/ TOK Middle High School Teacher
Photo of  Amormia  Galang
Amormia Galang
IBDP Filipino / Grade 4 Mathematics
Photo of  Robert  Hartzell
Robert Hartzell
IBDP English B/ IBDP History Middle and High School Teacher / CAS Coordinator
Photo of  Geoffrey  Hightower
Geoffrey Hightower
IBDP Biology/ Science/ Chemistry Middle and High School Teacher
Photo of  Hee Mo  Jung
Hee Mo Jung
Part-time IBDP Korean Language High School Teacher
Photo of  Cyndi  Quiñones
Cyndi Quiñones
IBDP Visual Arts / IBDP Math Studies
Photo of  Ozgur  Unal
Ozgur Unal
IBDP Physics/ IBDP Mathematics SL High School / External Assessments Coordinator
Photo of  Nan  Wang
Nan Wang
IBDP Mandarin A/ Mandarin Language Elementary, Middle and High School Teacher/ Chinese Translator
Photo of  Joon Kyu  Yoo
Joon Kyu Yoo
IBDP Mathematics HL High Middle and High School Teacher /Korean Translator
Photo of  Suzette  Mercado
Suzette Mercado
Teacher Assistant /ESL Support
Photo of  Hamza  Gulam
Hamza Gulam
Teacher Assistant /ESL Support